#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire
Average for 30 days
#1 Copper Tubing
Average for 30 days
Steel BX
Average for 30 days
Brass Shells
Average for 30 days
Cast Iron
Average for 30 days
Stainless Steel
Average for 30 days

Waste Tech Disposal in Rehoboth

Waste Tech Disposal
Сompany name: Waste Tech Disposal
Address: 567 Winthrop ST, Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States
Website: http://wastetechdisposal.com
Aluminum CansTin Cans

Info about Waste Tech Disposal

Waste Tech Disposal buys scrap metal at 567 Winthrop ST, Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States. We recommend you check out the current info about the company and scrap metal prices on their official website http://wastetechdisposal.com.
Name Meaning
Сity Rehoboth
State Massachusetts
ZIP 2769
Phone 888-927-8383
Website http://wastetechdisposal.com

What services does the company provide?

  • Aluminum Cans Recycling
  • Plastic Bottles Recycling
  • Glass Bottles Recycling
  • Paper Recycling

What kind of scrap metal does Waste Tech Disposal accept?

Below is a list of the metals that Danny's Metals accepts. Current average scrap metal prices are available on Scrap Metal Prices in Rehoboth.
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Tin Cans
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