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Current Scrap Carbide Price

Scrap carbide refers to pieces or shavings of tungsten carbide, a hard, durable material that is used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. It is made by combining tungsten, a metallic element, with carbon. Tungsten carbide is known for its high resistance to wear and heat, and its ability to maintain a sharp cutting edge.


Where Carbide meets

Carbide scrap is often bought by scrap metal dealers or recyclers in the form of used or worn-out cutting tools, such as drill bits, end mills, and saw blades. These tools are made of tungsten carbide, which is a very hard and durable material that can withstand high temperatures and wear. Other forms of carbide scrap include turning inserts, milling inserts, and indexable inserts that are used in the machining industry.

Scrap carbide can also come in the form of powders or sludge, this happens when the carbide tool or part is worn out and can no longer be used, these materials can be reclaimed by grinding, classifying, and separating the tungsten carbide from the cobalt binder.

The scrap carbide is usually inspected and analyzed for composition, and then packaged and shipped to the recycler. There, it will be further processed to recover the valuable tungsten and cobalt content, which will be used to make new tungsten carbide products.

It’s important to mention that the price of scrap carbide can vary depending on the current market value of tungsten and cobalt, as well as the type, size and condition of the scrap.

Price chart for Carbide


Table of price changes for Carbide for 30 days

2023-07-02▼6.62$ / lb
2023-07-01▲6.82$ / lb
2023-06-30▲6.60$ / lb
2023-06-29▼6.59$ / lb
2023-06-28▲6.70$ / lb
2023-06-27▼6.67$ / lb
2023-06-26▲6.70$ / lb
2023-06-25▼6.69$ / lb
2023-06-246.71$ / lb
2023-06-23▼6.71$ / lb
2023-06-22▲6.74$ / lb
2023-06-21▲6.73$ / lb
2023-06-20▼6.72$ / lb
2023-06-19▲6.74$ / lb
2023-06-18▼6.73$ / lb
2023-06-17▼6.74$ / lb
2023-06-16▲6.77$ / lb
2023-06-15▼6.75$ / lb
2023-06-14▼6.77$ / lb
2023-06-13▼6.78$ / lb
2023-06-12▲6.80$ / lb
2023-06-11▲6.78$ / lb
2023-06-10▼6.77$ / lb
2023-06-096.79$ / lb
2023-06-08▲6.79$ / lb
2023-06-07▲6.76$ / lb
2023-06-06▲6.73$ / lb
2023-06-056.72$ / lb
2023-06-04▼6.72$ / lb
2023-06-036.73$ / lb

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