#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire
Average for 30 days
#1 Copper Tubing
Average for 30 days
Brass Shells
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Cast Iron
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Stainless Steel
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Scrap Metal Prices in Bastrop state Louisiana

Today, the price per pound of scrap metal in Bastrop depends on two nuances: the quality of the secondary raw material and the average price on the market. The price list includes the demand for a certain type of scrap metal, the type of scrap metal and its demand, as well as the cost in domestic and international markets. The value of each batch is depended upon its compliance with all the parameters, and the assessment is made taking into account the above factors. If the secondary raw material is poorly sorted, then contamination is present, the lack of sorting, dirt, and impurities.

Prices for ferrous scrap metals in Bastrop

The price depends on:

  • Batch Size. The larger the volume upon reception, therefore, with wholesale batches, the price per ton of metal will be more profitable.
  • Whether there are impurities or not, and if so, how much. Oxidation, traces of rust, and impurities decrease the cost of buying scrap metal, consequently, the purchase price will be lower.

Scrap prices for steel in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
#1 Steel $210.96/ton $240.34/ton
Shreddable Steel $153.74/ton $171.64/ton
#1 Heavy Melting Steel $215.93/ton $233.49/ton
#2 Heavy Melting Steel $218.10/ton $237.41/ton
High Speed Steel $0.14/lb $0.15/lb
Plate & Structural Steel $243.57/ton $267.49/ton
Steel Shavings $49.51/ton $52.87/ton
Busheling $279.87/ton $299.37/ton

Scrap prices for iron and cast iron in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Light Iron $148.47/ton $165.84/ton
Machine Shop Turning/Iron Borings $367.44/ton $391.58/ton
Scrap Iron $200.18/ton $230.54/ton
Cast Iron $211.69/ton $228.19/ton
Unprepared Cast Iron $195.00/ton $213.26/ton
Uncleaned Auto Cast $222.24/ton $241.16/ton

Prices for non-ferrous scrap metals in Bastrop

It is influenced by the following factors:

  • The amount of scrap metal in the batch. The larger the volume, the higher the price will be. Companies are happy to buy scrap metal in bulk, as this promises good profits.
  • The quality of the non-ferrous scrap metal. Recyclables are checked for the presence of impurities, contamination, and the extent of chemical exposure.

Scrap prices for copper in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Burnt Copper $2.46/lb $2.68/lb
Copper Scrap $2.47/lb $2.72/lb
Copper Turnings $2.27/lb $2.45/lb
Copper Yokes $0.44/lb $0.47/lb
Light Copper $2.48/lb $2.70/lb
Refined Rebrass & Copper $2.12/lb $2.26/lb
Silver Plated Copper $2.51/lb $2.68/lb
Tin Coated Copper $2.74/lb $2.93/lb
Lead Coated Copper $2.50/lb $2.68/lb

Scrap prices for radiators in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
AL/Copper Cutoffs $0.55/lb $0.61/lb
AL/ Copper Rads w/Iron $1.17/lb $1.25/lb
Aluminum Copper Radiators $1.27/lb $1.44/lb
Brass Heater Cores $1.82/lb $1.94/lb
Brass Radiators $1.17/lb $1.25/lb
Clean Brass Radiators $1.74/lb $2.01/lb
Dirty Brass Radiators $0.90/lb $0.96/lb
Unclean Brass Radiators $1.32/lb $1.41/lb
Aluminum Radiators $0.39/lb $0.43/lb
Clean ACR $1.41/lb $1.50/lb
ACR $1.39/lb $1.50/lb
ACR Ends $0.56/lb $0.64/lb
Dirty AL Radiators $0.12/lb $0.12/lb

Scrap prices for aluminimum in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Aluminum Siding $0.50/lb $0.55/lb
Aluminum Cans $0.43/lb $1.09/lb
Sheet Aluminum $0.43/lb $0.47/lb
Aluminum #3 $0.18/lb $0.20/lb
Aluminum 6061 $0.47/lb $0.51/lb
Aluminum 6063 $0.62/lb $0.70/lb
Aluminum Breakage $0.15/lb $0.18/lb
Aluminum Clips $0.48/lb $0.51/lb
Aluminum Litho $0.62/lb $0.68/lb
Aluminum Scrap $0.40/lb $0.44/lb
Aluminum Thermo-Pane/Break $0.31/lb $0.33/lb
Aluminum Turnings $0.14/lb $0.16/lb
Dirty Aluminum Turnings $0.07/lb $0.07/lb
Cast Aluminum $0.41/lb $0.46/lb
Old Sheet Aluminum $0.42/lb $0.47/lb
Painted Aluminum $0.55/lb $0.62/lb
Prepared Aluminum $0.46/lb $0.54/lb
AL Extrusion $0.50/lb $0.56/lb
AL Thermopane $0.28/lb $0.30/lb
Dirty AL Extrusion $0.17/lb $0.19/lb

Scrap prices for brass in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Brass $1.83/lb $2.03/lb
Brass Shells $1.77/lb $1.91/lb
Brass Scrap $1.70/lb $1.82/lb
Brass Turnings $1.66/lb $1.80/lb
Clean Brass Turnings $1.55/lb $1.66/lb
Rod Brass Turnings $1.38/lb $1.49/lb
Dirty Brass $0.60/lb $0.99/lb
Red Brass $2.22/lb $2.40/lb
Semi-Red Brass $2.07/lb $2.21/lb
Yellow Brass $1.86/lb $2.02/lb

Scrap prices for lead in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Lead $0.48/lb $0.53/lb
Lead Shot $0.14/lb $0.16/lb
Lead Wheel Weights $0.11/lb $0.11/lb

Scrap prices for bronze in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Bronze $2.11/lb $2.25/lb
Bronze Turnings $1.28/lb $1.37/lb
Composition Scrap $2.08/lb $2.21/lb

Scrap prices for stainless steel in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Stainless Steel $0.29/lb $0.31/lb
17-4 Stainless Steel $0.14/lb $0.14/lb
300 Series Stainless Steel $0.32/lb $0.35/lb
304 Stainless Steel $0.28/lb $0.33/lb
310 Stainless Steel $0.77/lb $0.81/lb
316 Stainless Steel $0.58/lb $0.65/lb
321 Stainless Steel $0.46/lb $0.50/lb
400 Series Stainless Steel $0.08/lb $0.08/lb
Stainless Steel Heatsinks $0.18/lb $0.20/lb
Stainless Steel Kegs $0.17/lb $0.21/lb
Stainless Steel Sinks $0.07/lb $0.07/lb
Stainless Steel Breakage $0.20/lb $0.22/lb
Non Magnetic Stainless Steel $0.28/lb $0.31/lb
Stainless Turnings $0.12/lb $0.12/lb

Scrap prices for wires and cables in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire $2.96/lb $3.24/lb
Insulated Copper Wire $0.82/lb $0.95/lb
Bare Bright Copper $2.94/lb $3.19/lb
Enameled Copper $2.60/lb $2.78/lb
Insulated Copper Cable $1.95/lb $2.28/lb
Tin Insulated Copper Wire $1.51/lb $1.61/lb
Brass Hair Wire $1.95/lb $2.12/lb
Romex® Wire $1.51/lb $1.70/lb
Aluminum Wire w/Steel $0.10/lb $0.10/lb
Insulated Aluminum Wire $0.20/lb $0.22/lb
Steel BX
Insulated Steel BX $0.40/lb $0.42/lb
Computer Wire $0.44/lb $0.48/lb
THHN Wire $1.99/lb $2.13/lb
500/750 Insulated Cable $2.30/lb $2.53/lb
CATV Wire $0.00/lb $0.00/lb
Clean AL Wire $1.59/lb $1.71/lb
Communications Wire $0.99/lb $1.07/lb
Double Insulated Cable $1.29/lb $1.48/lb
EC Wire $0.62/lb $0.67/lb
Elevator Wire $0.34/lb $0.36/lb
Fire Wire $0.98/lb $1.07/lb
Heliax Wire $1.35/lb $1.49/lb
Housewire $0.95/lb $1.05/lb
Solid Core Heliax $0.19/lb $0.21/lb
Wire Scrap $0.80/lb $0.88/lb
Wiring Harness $0.95/lb $1.01/lb

Scrap prices for tubes, pipes and rods in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
#1 Copper Tubing $2.77/lb $2.98/lb
#2 Copper Tubing $2.61/lb $2.83/lb
Clean AL/Copper Fin $1.39/lb $1.49/lb
Dirty AL/Copper Fin $0.97/lb $1.05/lb
#2/3 Mix Copper $2.70/lb $2.89/lb
Aluminum Copper Coil $1.48/lb $1.58/lb
Brass Pipe $2.05/lb $2.19/lb
Plumbers Brass $1.92/lb $2.09/lb
Rod Brass $1.96/lb $2.10/lb

Scrap prices for roofing copper in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
#2/3 Mix Copper $2.70/lb $2.89/lb
#3 Copper with Tar $1.89/lb $2.03/lb
#3 Roofing Copper $2.42/lb $2.82/lb
#1 Flashing Copper $2.60/lb $2.83/lb
Clean Roofing Copper $2.53/lb $2.74/lb
Dirty Roofing Copper $2.30/lb $2.46/lb

Scrap prices for used batteries in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Car/Truck Batteries $0.14/lb $0.17/lb
Backup Batteries $0.04/lb $0.04/lb
Lead Batteries $0.15/lb $0.16/lb
Ni-Cad Batteries $0.00/lb $0.00/lb
Steel Case Batteries $0.12/lb $0.12/lb
Forktruck Battery $0.11/lb $0.11/lb

Scrap prices for transformers and electric motors in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Copper Transformers $0.30/lb $0.33/lb
Aluminum Transformers $0.05/lb $0.05/lb
Electric Motors (Copper) $0.19/lb $0.22/lb
Electric Motors (Aluminum) $0.09/lb $0.10/lb
Meatballs (Electric Motors) $0.19/lb $0.24/lb
Rotors $247.18/ton $277.32/ton
Alternators $0.34/lb $0.37/lb
Starters $0.30/lb $0.33/lb

Scrap prices for electronics in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
CPU Chips $3.04/lb $3.25/lb
Hard Drives $0.49/lb $0.53/lb
Motherboards $1.57/lb $1.68/lb
Power Supplies $0.18/lb $0.20/lb
Hard Drive Boards $3.24/lb $3.46/lb
Hard Drives without Boards $0.17/lb $0.19/lb
Laptops $0.58/lb $0.62/lb
Ballasts $0.09/lb $0.09/lb
Low Grade Boards $0.11/lb $0.11/lb
PC Tower $0.17/lb $0.19/lb
PC Board with Steel $0.24/lb $0.26/lb
Cellphones $0.29/lb $0.31/lb
Christmas Lights $0.20/lb $0.23/lb
Circuit Breakers $0.01/lb $0.01/lb
Dishwashers $3.33/each $3.56/each
Washing Machines $3.33/each $3.56/each
Water Heaters $3.33/each $3.55/each
Refrigerators $3.33/each $3.55/each
Dryers $3.33/each $3.57/each
Empty PC Servers $0.17/lb $0.19/lb
Servers $0.32/lb $0.34/lb
Keyboards $0.00/lb $0.00/lb
Ink Cartridges $0.00/lb $0.00/lb
Mainframes $0.24/lb $0.26/lb
Fuses $0.01/lb $0.01/lb
Memory $5.02/lb $6.40/lb
Mice $0.00/lb $0.00/lb
Non-Green PC Board $1.21/lb $1.29/lb
O2 Sensors $1.43/lb $1.53/lb
PC Boards $1.45/lb $1.64/lb
Printers/Fax Machines $13.24/ton $14.13/ton
Speakers $0.01/lb $0.01/lb
Telecom Equipment $1.02/lb $1.09/lb

Scrap prices for vehicles and their parts in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Catalytic Converters $64.48/each $83.10/each
Aluminum Rims $0.56/lb $0.60/lb
Aluminum Boat $0.19/lb $0.21/lb
Aluminum Bumpers $0.26/lb $0.28/lb
Aluminum Diesel Tank $0.19/lb $0.21/lb
Aluminum Engine Block $0.07/lb $0.08/lb
Complete Car $185.07/ton $200.44/ton
Incomplete Car $135.48/ton $143.87/ton
Crushed Cars $163.13/ton $189.18/ton
Automobiles $207.00/ton $226.30/ton
Dry Automobile $159.28/ton $170.62/ton
Wet Automobile $151.21/ton $161.55/ton
Small Foreign Cat $101.58/each $108.33/each
Large Foreign Cat $193.51/each $206.96/each
Regular Domestic Cat $48.26/each $51.62/each
Large GM Cat $159.96/each $170.39/each
Small GM Cat $82.22/each $87.82/each
Car w/Tires $152.24/ton $171.94/ton

Scrap prices for other types of metals in Bastrop

Metal Min Price Max Price
Nickel $1.82/lb $1.94/lb
Tin $0.43/lb $0.45/lb
Tin Babbit $2.39/lb $2.56/lb
Zinc $0.15/lb $0.19/lb
Carbide $5.65/lb $6.03/lb
Cobalt $1.45/lb $1.55/lb
FSX 414 $4.83/lb $5.14/lb
Silver $313.95/lb $335.85/lb
Gold $30,829.00/lb $30,884.00/lb
Platinum $54.87/lb $58.61/lb
Hastelloy Solids $2.42/lb $2.59/lb
Hastelloy Turnings $1.93/lb $2.05/lb
Zorba $149.97/ton $160.39/ton
Inconel $0.46/lb $0.69/lb
Inconel 792 $2.67/lb $2.84/lb
Inconel 800 $0.85/lb $0.91/lb
Inconel 825 $0.67/lb $0.71/lb
Invar $0.22/lb $0.24/lb
Kovar $0.22/lb $0.24/lb
MarM247 $2.00/lb $2.14/lb
Monel $2.26/lb $2.42/lb
Pewter $0.94/lb $1.00/lb
#1 HMS $240.85/ton $267.33/ton
#1 Prepared $232.33/ton $248.43/ton
#2 HMS $214.87/ton $235.77/ton
#2 Prepared $205.28/ton $233.75/ton
Unprepared HMS $201.82/ton $220.08/ton
Unprepared P&S $199.95/ton $218.39/ton
Back Panels
Compressors $0.18/lb $0.21/lb
CRT $0.00/lb $0.00/lb
Die Cast $0.19/lb $0.21/lb
Dirty ACR $1.03/lb $1.18/lb
F 75 $1.93/lb $2.07/lb
Junkshop Extrusion $0.21/lb $0.23/lb
Sealed Units $0.16/lb $0.18/lb

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