#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire
Average for 30 days
#1 Copper Tubing
Average for 30 days
Brass Shells
Average for 30 days
Cast Iron
Average for 30 days
Stainless Steel
Average for 30 days
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Hostetters Salvage

Hostetters Salvage / 12475 Locust Ln, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States

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#1 Copper Wire#2 Copper WireAluminum CansAluminum SidingBatteries 10 items
Hostetter's Salvage, Inc

Hostetter's Salvage, Inc / 032 Roxbury Road, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States

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Shippensburg scrap metal sales FAQ

1. Where can I sell scrap metal in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania?

Our team has found 2 scrap yards in the city of Shippensburg, state Pennsylvania that buy and process scrap metal. You can see their addresses and phone numbers in the table below. Before visiting a scrap yard, call to arrange a deal in advance.
Name companyAddress Telephones
Hostetters Salvage12475 Locust Ln, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Hostetter's Salvage, Inc032 Roxbury Road, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States

2. What are the scrap prices in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania today?

For up-to-date information on scrap metal prices in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, see the Scrap Metal Prices in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania section. Below we have compiled a table with the best prices for the main types of metals you can buy in the city. The price information is to be used as a guide only, and does not constitute a public offer.
Metal Price Per Pound
Aluminum ~ $1.23
Aluminum Alloy ~ $1.04
Copper ~ $4.31
Brass ~ $3.31
Lead ~ $1.08
Nickel ~ $9.13
Tin ~ $18.21
Zinc ~ $1.50

3. What laws apply to selling scrap metal?

All scrap metal yards in Shippensburg are regulated by the Pennsylvania Scrap Metal Act, which can be found on the official website of the Pennsylvania Senate.