#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire
Average for 30 days
#1 Copper Tubing
Average for 30 days
Steel BX
Average for 30 days
Brass Shells
Average for 30 days
Cast Iron
Average for 30 days
Stainless Steel
Average for 30 days

New Hampshire scrap metal laws

Scrap metal sellers turn trash into money by recycling metal Moreover, scrap metal businesses help clean up the environment.

We have collected some of the basic information sellers should know when scrapping metal in New Hampshire. Let’s look at them in detail:

  1. New Hampshire, as the rest of the US, requires a valid form of ID to sell any scrap metal. A copy of your ID/driver’s license will be kept on file. The scrap yards must keep on record the customer or driver’s vehicle information as well.
  2. New Hampshire requires vehicle purchases to be reported to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.
  3. New Hampshire does not have special payment restrictions.
  4. New Hampshire does not require facial photographs and fingerprints.
  5. Scrap metal theft has been a huge problem in New Hampshire, so law enforcement can tag and hold any material that a scrap yard receives, while it conducts an investigation.

This region has great infrastructure for selling scrap metal with many great scrap yards. Laws and regulations for scrappers in New Hampshire are fairly typical for the US. Now that you are familiar with them, you can safely start selling your scrap.

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