#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire
Average for 30 days
#1 Copper Tubing
Average for 30 days
Steel BX
Average for 30 days
Brass Shells
Average for 30 days
Cast Iron
Average for 30 days
Stainless Steel
Average for 30 days

Louisiana scrap metal laws

Selling scrap in Louisiana is very popular due to its diverse economy. Metal trade is an important part of the economy and therefore there’s a lot of money in scrap metal here.

Before starting your career in selling scrap metals it is hugely important to know what laws and regulations you must comply with:

  1. Louisiana requires each customer’s identification documents to be scanned and kept. Fingerprints and face photos are required as well. The scrap yard will keep a copy of your ID on record along with a photo of the material and yourself at the time of the transaction.
  2. Scrap yards are required to have photos of the material while it is being weighed.
  3. There is a 10-day tag-and-hold policy for scrap yards in this area.
  4. Louisiana requires vehicle purchases to be reported to NMVTIS.
  5. Because of payment restrictions certain materials can only be paid by check.

Louisiana has some laws that are great for fighting scrap metal theft but are not too invasive. Lots of people here are looking to make some extra cash. Scrap metal is in demand here and will generate good money.

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