#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire
Average for 30 days
#1 Copper Tubing
Average for 30 days
Steel BX
Average for 30 days
Brass Shells
Average for 30 days
Cast Iron
Average for 30 days
Stainless Steel
Average for 30 days

Hawaii Scrap Metal Laws

Selling scrap metal in Hawaii can be a great way to make some extra cash. However, when you are selling your scrap metal here, it’s important to know what kind of rules to expect.

We have a summary of Hawaii scrap metal laws below:

  1. Payment restrictions: some materials such as copper, beer kegs etc. can only be paid by check mailed to the address of the seller’s license ID;
  2. Photos and video recording: the yard will take photographs and video of you during the transaction;
  3. If the material is copper, a copy of the contractor license is required. Contractors can receive payment when their material is recycled;
  4. If a scrapper is selling a vehicle, the scrap yard is required to record the vehicle ID in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.
  5. Sellers are required to sign a statement indicating that they are the owner of or are authorized to sell the metal as well as that they have never been prosecuted for theft of metal.

These were scrap metal laws, they are pretty standard. But before selling scrap you need to take time to learn them.

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